Become An F&I Manager Today

The F&I – Finance and Insurance Manager is one of the highest-paid positions in the auto sales industry. If you have experience in the auto sales industry, or in the finance field such as a loan officer, banking, mortgage broker, accounting and more, then you should consider working as an F&I Manager in the auto industry. You will be rewarded with great income and full benefits. If you are interested in becoming an Automobile Finance Manager, it is time for you to refresh and to learn about this business by taking the best auto sales manager online training course.

How much does an F&I Manager make?

On average an Auto F&I Manager, in the US, can earn up to $75,000/year. The pay scale can also hit up to $2000,000/ year. In addition, an experienced and performing Automobile Finance and Insurance Manager can also earn bonuses and commission if his/her performance is exceptionally good and reaches sales targeted.

The range in the earnings of the F&I Manager is usually affected by dealership traffic, commission, pay plan, and other factors.

Who can become an F&I Manager?

The minimum qualification to become an Automobile F&I Manager is a high school diploma along with a minimum of two years of experience in the field of automotive sales and/or financing. Other requirements may include proficiency in communicating and dealing with customers, attention to detail, strong analytical, organizational, and arithmetic skills.

How can I become an F&I Manager?

To become a qualified Automobile Finance and Insurance Manager it is important that you have the relevant qualifications and are equipped with all the skills required to carry out the assigned tasks. This can be achieved by taking the Fast Sales Training Center F&I – Finance and Insurance Manager online course.

Fast Sales Training Center Auto F&I Manager online course is an intensive course, filled with a variety of relevant information that will prepare you for your next step in your auto sales career. We prepare our trainees to strike for a successful and for rewarding career in the automotive industry. Every chapter of our online course has many interactive features, including graphics, relevant study guides, voice-over, quizzes, and more.

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