F&I – Finance and Insurance Manager Online Course

CP400 (6)


Do you feel behind as an Auto Finance and Insurance Manager?
Do you want to stay updated with necessary information in the automobile dealership industry as an F&I Manager?

Search no further!
Fast Sales Training Center offers both live and online F&I-Finance and Insurance Manager Courses.

This online course is a great source of topics for a versatile F&I Manager and an excellent support tool for those of you just starting this exciting career.
We guarantee you will be blown away with these informative topics that boost your professional skills and productivity with courses such as:

  • Laws and Ethics
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Cash Conversion
  • Option Menu
  • Finance & Lease practices
  • Auto F&I Dictionary
  • And more…

You should know that continuous productivity is built on constant mental improvisation. With this online course, we expedite your journey in the auto sales industry, boosting your productivity as an F&I Manager.
Register for this online course and fire up your finance and insurance managerial skills to the Fast Lane.

Course Content

  • Auto Dealership Organizational Chart
  • Chapter 1 Quiz
  • The F&I Department
  • Who is the Auto F&I Manager
  • Auto F&I Job Description Key Points
  • The Ideal Auto F&I Manager
  • The Auto F&I Manager Goal
  • The Auto F&I Manager Main Responsibilities
  • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • Legal Definition
  • Laws and Regulations Definition
  • Federal and State Laws and Regulations
  • State and Local Rules and Regulations
  • Ethics Definition
  • What is Legal and Ethics
  • Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Act or Practices (UDAAP)
  • Legal Terms
  • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • Financing Definition
  • Finance Contracts
  • Financing Sources
  • Selling Finance Interview
  • Converting APR to Add-On Rate
  • Chapter 4 Quiz
  • Why Does the Dealership Prefer a Financing Deal instead of a Cash Deal
  • Conversion Features
  • The Conversion Process
  • Explaining Conversion Features to the Buyer
  • Converting from an Outside Finance Source
  • Talking About Available Credit
  • Cash Menu
  • Chapter 5 Quiz
  • Vehicle Lease Definition
  • Auto Lease Pros and Cons
  • Lease vs. Finance
  • When Converting a Cash Buyer to a Lease Program Instead of Finance
  • Introducing Lease Benefits
  • The Math Close
  • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • What is Credit Report
  • Merged Credit Report
  • Decoding a Credit Report
  • Credit Score Definition
  • How is Credit Score Calculated
  • How Can a Credit Score Change
  • Subprime Lending
  • Credit Report vs. Credit Score
  • Chapter 7 Quiz
  • Risk Reason Codes
  • Sample of Potential Information Found on a Credit Report
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Experian
  • Chapter 8 Quiz
  • What is the F&I Menu?
  • The Most Common Products Available to be Offered
  • Chapter 9 Quiz
  • Selling Finance Objections
  • Converting a Cash Buyer to a Leasing Buyer
  • Selling Options

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons Time: 60 days


Fast Sales Training Center was established in 2006 by experienced professionals who have been in the auto sales industry for over 35 years. All those years have taught us one thing: training is the most important tool in the auto sales industry for the auto sales professionals who seek to better their ability, achieve their goals, and to be more successful in the daily tasks and objections that this exciting career offers.