How to Become an Auto Broker Online Course

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Do you want to be an Auto Broker?
Start your career today in auto brokering with our beneficial training and fast track your progress in the automobile industry.
  • How to be an independent auto broker closing deals with both dealerships and individual buyers.
  • How to facilitate car sales working with dealerships and buyers
  • Recognize the inner workings of the automobile industry,
  • Uncover the intricacies of dealerships, financing, dealer-installed extras, and warranties.
  • And finally, learn how to negotiate to your clients’ advantage

Be the car broker that alleviates the hassle of haggling, pressure from the dealership, and the time wasting of going back and forth.

Through our training, you will transform into the auto broker that locates the desired car, whether new, used, or leasing and negotiate pricing, give financing advice, take care of all paper work, shoulder the burden of car shopping and possibly deliver the vehicle to your buyers’ home or office.

With Fast Sales Training Center, you can build a successful career. Our course materials are relevant and up-to-date. Our trainers are experienced and seasoned automobile industry leaders.

Speed up your journey to auto brokering success. Start here with us.
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Course Content

  • Who is an Auto Broker
  • What is the Auto Broker main job?
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Why should a Buyer hire an Auto Broker?
  • Become a well-known Auto Broker
  • Auto Broker daily standards
  • Chapter 1 Quiz
  • Dealership organization
  • Who is who in the Auto Dealership Sales Department
  • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • The 10 Auto Broker steps to the sale
  • Step 1: Meet and Greet
  • Step 2: Sell Yourself
  • Step 3: Qualify the Buyer
  • Step 4: Presentation
  • Step 5: Trade-In Evaluation
  • Step 6: Product Selection
  • Step 7: Demonstration (Demo-Drive)
  • Step 8: Negotiation (Overcome Objections)
  • Step 9: Close
  • Step 10: Deliver the Vehicle
  • Follow Up!
  • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • Sales reception and product presentation
  • Needs Analysis Form Sample
  • Sales Negotiation
  • F&I – Finance and Insurance Office
  • Delivery
  • Chapter 4 Quiz
  • Who is the F&I Manager
  • Financing definition
  • Financing sources
  • Down payment definition
  • Interest rate definition
  • Credit report definition
  • Credit score definition
  • Subprime lending definition
  • Vehicle lease definition
  • Auto finance definition
  • F&I menu definition
  • Most common F&I menu products
  • Chapter 5 Quiz
  • Phone lead process
  • Call classification
  • The keys to a phone success
  • Phone fundamentals
  • Basic phone skills
  • The importance of your tone of voice
  • 10 Steps to phone etiquette
  • The VIP appointment process
  • The internet lead process
  • Online lead classification
  • How to attract internet leads
  • Internet leads opportunities
  • 5 Buyer phobias
  • 5 keys to schedule an appointment
  • Sending emails
  • Follow-Up Chart
  • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • Have you ever had this situation?
  • Do you know who your Buyer is?
  • Do you know your Buyer’s expectations?
  • How you should communicate with your Buyer
  • Chapter 7 Quiz
  • Understanding objections
  • Auto sales objections are part of the sales process
  • How to handle the most common objections
  • Objections handling process
  • The secret of the professional edge
  • Rules of negotiation
  • Chapter 8 Quiz
  • You are your own boss
  • The advantages of planning
  • How to organize your planner
  • Units Wanted sample
  • Expenses sample
  • Daily Summary sample
  • Monthly Summary sample
  • Goals for this Month sample
  • Daily Planner sample
  • Chapter 9 Quiz
  • Most common auto sales forms
  • Chapter 10 Quiz
  • The Auto Sales Word Book
  • Bonus Chapter Quiz

Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 60 days


Fast Sales Training Center was established in 2006 by experienced professionals who have been in the auto sales industry for over 35 years. All those years have taught us one thing: training is the most important tool in the auto sales industry for the auto sales professionals who seek to better their ability, achieve their goals, and to be more successful in the daily tasks and objections that this exciting career offers.