Do you have the right sales staff?

In some dealerships, the sales staff training is basically a brief orientation and an introduction to the well-known steps to the sales. Many times, this orientation does not answer the staff’s questions, especially the new blood, on how to become a successful salesperson and consequently to bring more sales and profits to the store.

Another training technique adopted by some dealerships is a two or more day staff training with product knowledge being shared. While it is crucial for every salesperson to know inventory, the training alone does not prepare the sales staff to close the sale.

Of course, it is a well-known fact that car sales staff turnover is generally high, and the cost is significant because thousands of dollars are spent monthly in advertisement to bring prospects to the showroom, but untrained sales staff often let them go without at least obtaining their information.

In today’s economy, hiring screened and well-qualified people for your organization is critical to your company’s success, because saving time, effort, and money in recruiting are very important.

Be that as it may, Fast Sales Training Center can help your business to be more productive and profitable by finding the best employees without the usual downtime, hassles and delays at a low cost.

We prepare all our trainees before we place them to work, making sure they learn about the philosophy of business and what their managers expect them to do and produce. We equally train and coach our trainees from the first interview to how to properly address each customer personality including the most common forms used in the unique dealership environment.

So, let us prepare new hired and refresh the experienced salesperson for you.

Is my dealership too small for me to be worried about training?

If your dealership is proportionally structured, size shouldn’t be a factor to you. If you manage a small store, you should have one sales manager working with four or five sales consultants. If you have a bigger store with five sales managers working with twenty sales consultants, you still have the same ratio of salesperson per sales manager. In both situations, training is crucial for your goals to be obtained.

But will this work?

If the entire management is committed by applying the expected effort, and applying all the techniques taught, then showroom traffic will work and your monthly sales will surely increase.

What is the Showroom Traffic Control Seminar?

This is a very easy and understandable process to be implemented by your sales managers. It involves basic steps on how to handle your daily showroom traffic control. A process is an important tool for achieving your preset goals. A key to a successful plan is to have defined policies and complete-detailed training to all staff.

Basically there are five policy areas where you need to make important decisions:

Policy Area I : How to get support from the sales organization

Policy Area II : How to get prospects information

Policy Area III : How to make sure you have the prospects information

Policy Area IV : How to have sales consultants close more sales

Policy Area V : How to have sales consultants follow-up prospects that walked out

Fast Sales Training Center will teach your managers how to understand the importance of each policy and how to structure and train the sales staff to work in conjunction with the managerial staff.

To be candid, this is a very effective tool, which will make your dealership to grow in sales if applied.


The mission of Fast Sales Training Center is to train, qualify, and place the right people with the right job in the car sales industry.

Fast Sales Training Center, with its experience and knowledge of the car industry, provides each of our trainees an in-depth dynamic training, preparing each one from the job interview to making car sales not just a job, but successful and rewarding career. In other words, Fast Sales Training Center prepares you to be successful through our unparalleled online training courses and coaching seminars.